Basketball has a significant following in Asia and is a sport enjoyed by many at BISP.

We offer afterschool basketball activities for students in years 1-13, as well as specialist sessions for advanced players to hone their individual skills.

Our school basketball teams at U11, U13, U15 and U19 level take part in various local and international tournaments, including Senior Games Pattaya and the Peninsular Games Singapore.

Every year BISP hosts the Breakers Cup (U19) and Phuket 3s (U13 and U15), two international tournaments that attract teams from throughout Asia. We also support the local community by hosting a free and popular tournament, the Challenge Cup (U19), which features the best teams from around Phuket.



2017 Breakers Cup (U19)

The second British International School Phuket Breakers Cup will be held from 3-4
November 2017. This year we have eight participating schools from five different
countries in Asia.


2018 International 3 v 3 Basketball Festival (U13 & U15)

Recently added to the Tokyo Olympics, 3 v 3 basketball is a popular and exciting
version of the game of basketball. In the inaugural event a total of 28 teams took
part from eight participating schools. A high level of interest is expected for the
second annual tournament in May 2018.

If you have any questions about basketball at BISP, or would like to register teams for either the BISP Breakers Cup or the International 3 v 3 Basketball Festival, please contact Jamie Blake: