David Langley

David Langley

Little Ducks Teacher (Frogs)

B.Ed. (Early Childhood).

David started teaching in a wonderful position teaching children about themselves and the world around them (Life Education Program). This taught him that every child is special and personal self-esteem is so important for children to thrive. It is a wonderful gift to give and his teaching is still based on this notion some twenty-eight years later.

He has taught mainly in the three to five year age group with several years teaching PE, science and PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) to Primary children. He has worked in the Newcastle area for twenty years with his last school being Salt Ash Public School. Since coming to BISP some eight years ago, he discovered the joys and challenges of the very young. I find their development fascinating and believe crucial to a successful schooling and future.

David is currently studying at the University of New England (Australia) to enhance his teaching and knowledge. He sees it as a great privilege to work at a school so full of gifted teachers and students.