The PTA is a group of parents and teachers from BIS Phuket who want to:

  • promote the welfare of students through parental support in school
  • promote contacts between parents, teachers and the administration in order to foster understanding and cooperation in the school
  • provide information to parents, teachers, the administration and the Board of Directors that will help them give the best possible educational and social experience to students
  • support activities creating understanding, openness and respect towards different cultures.

The PTA achieves this by organising fund-raising and social activities during the year, and by supporting the school’s major events such as the Christmas concerts.

The PTA is a major channel of communication bringing parental concerns to the attention of the school administration.

If you need to contact the PTA about any issue or wish to volunteer to do some work with the PTA, please email: [email protected]

Currently, the PTA members at the British International School Phuket are:

  1. Mr. Stuart Cumming, President
  2. Khun Pook Kuljanyavivat, Vice President
  3. Mrs. Linda Cumming, Treasurer
  4. Mrs. Kath Cumming, Social & Fund Raising Coordinator
  5. Mrs. Jacqueline Phillips, Secretary
  6. Mrs. Viktoriia Petrenko, Russian Parent Coordinator
  7. Mrs. Donna Stephens, Primary School Coordinator
  8. Mr. Chris Greene, Secondary School Coordinator

Funds are used to create a better school environment for students by supplying extra equipment and materials.

How does the PTA raise funds?

The PTA raises funds through organising the Christmas Fair and selling refreshments at a variety of school events throughout the school year. The PTA relies on support given by class representatives and other parents and teachers who wish to help out.

How have the funds been used before?

In previous years, funds raised by the PTA have provided new computers, cameras and video recording equipment, sports gear, audio books and musical instruments. The funds have also purchased important infrastructure such as the electricity points on the basketball court, and been used to support students on school trips. Funds are disbursed as evenly as possible between primary and secondary schools, and between the different faculties.

The PTA relies on volunteers for all its activities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or wish to offer support in any other way, you can contact us at [email protected].

There are two ways that you can help:

1) Parent Class Representatives

The school encourages parents to volunteer as class or year representatives. As a class representative you will give support to children and teachers in areas such as assemblies, school productions, end of term parties and excursions.

Class representatives also welcome new parents to the school and organise opportunities for the teachers and parents to meet socially, thereby enhancing the school’s sense of community.

As well, they help with the annual Christmas Fair and the International Day, both of which are important events in the school calendar.

2) Volunteer work

You can offer your help to the subcommittees under the PTA, eg the Food Subcommittee.

Click here to download the Parents Guide 2015 or view it below:

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