In the Primary School your child will be provided with a broad, balanced and high quality education. Teachers use the English National Curriculum to plan and develop needs-based, engaging learning experiences for the children, equipping them with the appropriate knowledge and skills for a successful future.

The teaching team at BISP use the most recent approaches to teaching and learning from the United Kingdom and around the world, to provide the very best educational experiences. These include inquiry-based learning, using formative assessment practices and differentiated learning.

Developing Literacy (English) and Numeracy (Mathematics) is a priority in the Primary School. Teachers timetable regular, explicit teaching within these two areas throughout the week and also provide opportunities for the students to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to apply, analyse, evaluate and create.

Science, Geography, History, PSHE (Personal, Social Health and Economic Education), Design Technology and Digital Literacy are other curriculum areas taught by the classroom teacher. These are mostly taught through themes that have significance in terms of their impact upon humanity. In other words, we want students to interact with ideas with which they can connect both intellectually and emotionally. The cross curricular nature of these themes means they can be used across a wide range of subjects and can be understood and applied across time and cultures.

Languages (Thai, Mandarin and Spanish), Physical Education (including swimming), Music and Art (Years 3-6) are all taught by specialist teachers.

To strengthen teaching and learning within the curriculum, we have adapted the International Baccalaureate, “Approaches to Learning” skills. These skills are developed throughout the Primary School by teaching our students to be; researchers and investigators, thinkers, communicators, self-managers and team members.

All learning at BISP draws on globally and locally significant knowledge and issues. We aim to promote international understanding as well as a respect and knowledge of Thailand.

Most importantly, at BISP we value and place a high level of importance in fostering positive, caring relationships between children, teachers and families so we can work together to fully develop a child’s love of learning.