The Secondary Library (SL) is located on the second floor of the Main Teaching Building (MTB). It is open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.15pm.

It is used by students, teachers and the BISP community. The SL runs a flexible timetable where teachers book classes and work collaboratively with the Teacher Librarian.

It manages over 20,000 resources to support the teaching and learning of KS3, IGSCE and the IB Diploma Programme. It has an extensive print, digital and online collection including books, ebooks, newspapers, databases, magazines and journals in eight languages. The IT facilities are modern and include a digitised room for oral recordings.

The SL celebrates International School Library Week, World Book Day and Book Week every year with guest authors and special events. The SL is regularly involved in offering after school activities, including reading and homework club.

All members of the BIS community are welcome to access the BIS Libraries. Policies are outlined in the student handbook and in detail from the library.


  • All parents are welcome to borrow any of the titles we hold in the library, for a duration of 3 weeks.
  • All parents may take out a maximum of 7 resources (this includes Primary loans and Secondary loans combined), except for holidays, where you may borrow 10 resources.
  • Our Secondary Library is open for parents every Friday between 2pm and 4pm, and the Learning Centre Director is at your disposal should you wish to have any recommendations or should you have any questions.
  • To take the books out, please present them to the Library Assistant at the front desk. She will then issue the books under your account.