“To enable the best to access the best” – Headmaster Neil Richards MBE

(These are available for external candidates only)

Each sporting academy is able to offer full scholarships (which may include boarding), for outstanding student athletes. Bursaries may also be awarded by each academy; these bursaries are the equivalent of a full tuition fee for those students who may need to enter boarding, or half tuition fees for day student. Bursaries may be combined for a full scholarship at the discretion of the school.

Swimming, Tennis, Golf:

Awards in these sports will be dependent upon national rankings or independently demonstrated levels of high ability (times; rankings; handicaps).

Typically these awards will go to athletes with national representation honours, or those who demonstrate the exceptional ability, and desire, to become professional athletes.


These scholarships and bursaries will be awarded following decisions made by the Academy Director and coaches. In most cases this will follow a trial or other evidence of high performance. It is expected that the scholarships will be awarded to students who have the ability and desire to play the sport at a professional level.

Please note there is a 5000thb trial fee which includes a detailed coaching report for each athlete.

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