BISP Pi Day 2018This year’s π Day event at BISP was the most inspiring ever for our young mathematicians! Students were challenged to draw circles freehand and recite π from memory, in addition to other π-related activities, including eating π snacks.

The Year 7 students had the challenge of drawing circles freehand whilst incorporating them into creative designs. This resulted in some very interesting pieces. The Year 8 and 9 students had the task of replicating Yin Yang style designs using only compasses. This yielded some impressive results, and it was nice to see many of the students grasping the mathematics behind the designs. Time raced by as the students rose to the challenges.

Two years ago, Year 9’s Tiffany managed to recite a remarkable 549 digits of π, placing her second in the rankings for her native Singapore. This year, she surpassed that performance with an incredible recitation of 1050 digits of π. Other outstanding performances were Lavanya and Fern from Year 8, and James from Year 7.

pi food bisp 2018Thankfully the students were rewarded by some π food – round of course – which they had brought in themselves. Some of the handmade cakes were truly praiseworthy; especially the ones decorated with a π theme. Special mention goes to Tanya and Claire from Year 8; Bank, Jenny and Guy from Year 9; and James And Viktor from Year 7.

Click here to view some photos of the event.