On 18 March from 11am-12.30pm in the BISP Conference Room in the MTB, join the Bangkok Hospital Phuket workshop: ‘How to take good care of your memory’, by Dr Kanya, Medical Director of the hospital’s Brain Health Institute.

This is a FREE event.

The Brain Health Institute offers comprehensive neuropsychological examinations: lab tests, memory assessment, retina scan, and sleep test; as well as solutions for brain health care: food & nutrition, meditation, cognitive training, sleep improvement, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy; with a range of packages to replenish and boost your brainpower.


There will be the following workshops and demonstrations:

1. Good Food Good Healthy Brain by Brain Health Dietician

2. How to breath in yoga style to improve your sleep and brain by meditation and yoga instructor

3. Good Sleep Good Brain by Brain Health Specialist Nurse

Also discover special offers for Brain Health screening and a Sleep Disorder Test, plus a lucky draw!


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