Miss Lester would like to thank all who sponsored her for the London Marathon. She raised over £3000 for Max Appeal and is more than proud of everyone who supported her along the way.

It was only 2 degrees at the Greenwich Park start in London with nearly 40,000 people running in one of the biggest charity fundraising events in the world.

Miss Lester said, “It was one of the most inspiring things I have ever done. I met some amazing people along the way with incredible reasons as to why they were running the London Marathon.

“Never in a million years did I expect to enjoy the day as much as I did. Crowds along the route are phenomenal and everyone is cheering your name encouraging you.

“There were steel and brass bands, choirs and lots of people offering sweets and treats along the way. It was an extremely humbling experience. I recommend you join the ballot this week for next year.”

For more information, contact Claire Lester: [email protected]