A very warm welcome to the 65 new Primary students and their families who started at BISP Primary this week. We hope you are enjoying your new school.

Welcome back to all returning students. We hope you are ready for a challenging and enjoyable year ahead. We’ve already had a great first week back.


New Teachers working in the Primary

We are also pleased to welcome the following new teachers

  • Mr. David Hyde who is teaching in Reception
  • Ms Marita Tolton who is teaching in Nursery
  • Mrs Tina Delchau who is teaching in Little Ducks until Mrs Lindsay Lamantia returns from her maternity leave. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lamantia on the birth of their new son Issac.
  • Ms Cindy Colson who is the new whole school Librarian
  • Mrs Marie McIntyre who is the whole school Counsellor
  • Mrs Paulette Wilkinson who is the Head of Performing Arts


Meet the Teacher Afternoon

Next week we would like to ask all parents to attend a meeting in your child’s classroom to meet their new teacher and to be briefed on important information. It is also a good opportunity to meet the other parents in your child’s class and welcome new families to our school community.

These meetings will take place straight after school at 2:45pm. Children will be supervised in the Playground, or in the Library if wet. At 3:15pm specialist teachers will visit the classes to be introduced and will be available within the central area of each pod if you would like to talk with them.

These are not teacher parent interviews but an opportunity to make contact early in the year. Formal teacher parent interviews will be in October.

Monday 1st   Little Ducks & Early Years  – Children to be supervised by TA s

Tuesday 2nd Year 1 & 2  – Children to be supervised by Peter, Helen & Karen

Wednesday 3rd Year 3 & 4 – Children to be supervised by Yr 5 & 6 teachers

Thursday 4th Year 5 & 6 – Children to be supervised by Yr 3 & 4 teachers

Supervision will take place in the appropriate playground or the Library if wet.


Parent Class Representatives

We are looking for a parent representative from each class. If you are interested in assisting please contact your child’s teacher.

This involves attending one meeting per term with the Primary Management Team and assisting the teacher with communicating with other parents in the class.



Confirmation of activity selections will be sent to parents by the end of this week and posted on a notice board in the Primary Foyer. This will include venues and dismissal points.

Activities start the 8th September.

The Tuesday football did start this week, as we want to provide as much time as possible to prepare our teams for our tournament in October. All children who applied for this activity have been accepted. They will train again next Tuesday.


Primary Production

Mr Snape and Mrs Wilkinson from the Performing Arts Department have decided on the Primary production. “Dream On” is a musical adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” specially written so that Primary schools can celebrate William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Students who have signed up for the Primary Production after school activity will be eligible for the 21 major roles. This activity is on Monday and Friday afternoons after school.

The chorus will involve all children from Years 3 to 6. This will be a focus for one of the two music lessons each week from October.


Holiday Work

The major project over the holidays was the renovation of the Early Years Pod. The majority of the internal walls have been removed and result looks amazing and has created a fantastic learning environment.

This Friday we are meeting to discuss further developments for the Primary and Early Years playground. I will inform you of the plans once they are approved.


Primary Car Park

At the start of the year we always have major congestion in the Primary Car Park. This usually becomes more efficient once the after school activity program has started. I have checked the Secondary Car Park, accessible via gate 3 and the Little Ducks Car Park, accessible via gate 5 and there was no waiting time and very few children being collected. If you wish to avoid some frustration and save time, may I suggest you consider meeting your children at one of these alternatives. I have asked Mr Meredith to encourage Secondary students to use Gate 3.


Modern Foreign Languages

One of the most common discussion points I have with parents involves the selection of the language children should study. To fully understand this question it is important that parents know details of the Secondary options and the implications of selecting one foreign language over another.

There is a Secondary MFL meeting for parents on the 9th September at 8:15am in the Auditorium. I recommend that interested Primary parents attend.


We hope that you child has had a positive start to the school year. If you have concerns or need to share your ideas please feel free to drop by the Primary Office and visit. However, it is important to remember that if you have a specific concern that relates to your child’s education you should always talk with your child’s teacher first.

It’s great to be back and have the school full of enthusiastic learners again.

Peter Ferrier
Head of Primary

For more information, contact Peter Ferrier: [email protected]