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British International School, Phuket is open to students of all nationalities

English language is the medium of teaching and learning and so participation in all aspects of school life requires a command of English. Very young children, who absorb language as part of their normal development are not necessarily expected to have a high language ability. We review a student’s ability and suitability for a place at BISP and will include reference to recent reports/transcripts from current and previous schools.

The school seeks to ensure that there is a balance of pupil nationalities and that we maintain our status as a truly ‘international school’.

BISP considers that all students have individual needs and attention to these is part of our educational practice. When students require additional support they are assisted by Learning Support teachers, counsellors or outside external agencies in consultation with parents and appropriate professionals.

Admission to the school and allocation to particular classes are authorised by the Head of Primary and Head of Secondary.

Applications are accepted for entry at any time during the school year.


Application Form and Documentation

You can download our Application Form by clicking here, or printed forms are available from the Admissions Office at the school.

Please ensure you include copies of the documents etc listed in the checklist on Page 1 of the Application Form.


Our Assessment Procedure

British International School, Phuket entry assessment covers English Language testing, non-verbal reasoning, mathematical ability and language ability. (In some cases no assessment will be done and this is dependent on the application and previous reports)

Based on the assessment and other information (previous school reports, a reference check with current school and an interview), the Head of Primary/Secondary determines if a place in the school is appropriate for the student.

Admissions Policy – Secondary School


Age Regulations

Primary School

Min age345678910
Max age4567891011


Secondary School

Min age11121314151617
Max age12131415161718


Statement of Non-Discrimination

British International School, Phuket is committed to the ideal of diversity in its student body and staff. BISP does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in the admission and future conduct towards its students or in the recruitment, employment, promotion and retirement of its staff.