On Saturday 1 November, a group of 26 BISP boarding students braved the open water of Phuket to embark on a snorkelling adventure.

We left Chalong Pier at 9:30am on Sea Bees’ dive boat Excalibur and travelled to Koh Racha Bay. Despite a few nauseous passengers, when we arrived at the crystal blue waters of the bay, everyone was keen to dive in the drink!

From wee Laura in Year 3 to not so wee Michael in Year 12, from Ali who had never swum in the sea before to the keeny-been BISP staff, everyone sank gratefully into the warm tropical waters and enjoyed some of the best snorkelling in the region. Baracudas, bright purple star fish with black tentacles, enormous puffer fish and eels – you name it, we saw it. It was awesome!

No matter what age, or what experience, everyone without exception really enjoyed it. Sea Bees staff were fantastic, assisting with equipment and life jackets and staying close to those less confident in the water. A plentiful and delicious lunch followed our first snorkel, and meanwhile the Sea Bees crew drove the boat to a second bay close by.

The water here was much deeper, and much drama ensued as the first courageous Year 7 students Chalie and Morgane set the bar by jumping (supervised closely by Sea Bees staff and Mr Vague, our BIS lifeguard) off the top of the boat into the delicious deep blue below.

Nearly every student had a go, although Michael did his best to make us think he would bottle it!

More snorkelling followed in the surrounding area before 26 sun-beaten, sea-wrinkled students plus BISP staff returned to the boat for the return journey to Phuket. Awesome trip, thanks to Sea Bees and all students and staff who made it such a blast.

Bored in boarding – not a chance!

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