By Nongnapat ‘Demi’ Jatumatmetee, Year 13

We were all told that if we were interested in art or animation to come to the Conference Room at 2pm on 17 September, and thus many of us went to the presentation excited but with little knowledge.

The presentation by Jason Pichon, an American animator brought to BISP by the American embassy in Thailand, began with animations by students from Thai universities who won first, second and third place in an animation competition.

The information of in which position did the three animation came in was a secret. Students had the opportunity to place their thoughts and ideas on which animation won the competition and surprisingly, the first student who answered got it right. The three animations came close, but not close enough for that sharp eyed student.

We all enjoyed the presentation of 1 hour and half as if it was only ten minutes. Stunning illustration of all sorts of style, whether its realistic or more cartoonish, popped up from everywhere.

Pichon talked about designing characters and how their posture influence their images, the life in art schools, the experience of working with Disney and also the fascinating life of a freelance animator.

Approaching the end of the presentation, eager students grabbed their chance to ask Pichon questions, such as: “How gory can the illustration be”, “How do you draw realistically”, and most all, the question Pichon stated to be the hardest one he has ever answered in a presentation, “How much do you make?”. 

For more information on art at BISP, contact Claire Lester: [email protected]