We were really fortunate to be able invite Jimmy Duchovny, Don Falzone and Mark Lambert into school to perform form Years 7 to 9 and parents on January 8th.

As a trio they had never performed together before they arrived in Phuket three weeks ago, however they had worked extensively as pairs in the US and Brazil. They brought a very special level of musical versatility to their performance and were able to play in a variety to musical styles.

Before the concert they worked with two IB music students Maria and Michael, together with 3 other talented IB students, Alexander, Harry and Archie.

The students performed for Don, Mark and Jimmy and were given constructive advice on how to improve their musical interactions on stage – it was staggering to hear how much the students had improved when they performed in the afternoon concert.

We do hope we can continue to build connections with these fine professionals.

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