On Wednesday morning, classes of students in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 enjoyed the visit of children’s author Mike Brumby. Mike has written two books, focusing on a central character called Alistair the Armadillo (alistairthearmadillo.com).

Mike’s first book, ‘Journey to the Stars’, talks about healthy eating, and the second one, ‘Gift of Colour’, about the environment.

Mike won the Silver Moonbeam medal in 2013 for his first book, in the languages category. Indeed, his ebook has been translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Indonesian, and displays a video in sign language as well, which was a first for ebooks.

Mike’s talks took place in our Primary Library, and were very engaging and motivating for our students. He covered aspects such as the printing process, how he became an author, and showed a video from his illustrator.

Each talk finished with a game promoting healthy habits, where students were blindfolded and had to recognise which fruits they were eating.

Overall, a very enjoyable morning for our students meeting with a real-life author.

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