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By Gilly Notley (amateur ornithologist)

For those of you who don’t know, we were lucky enough to observe a male and female Olive Backed Sunbird build their nest in our outdoor classroom at the end of last term.

To our excitement we later discovered eggs in the nest but were saddened to read that the time frame for the eggs hatching and birds flying the nest was approximately 3 weeks, the length of the school holiday! To our amazement we discovered a baby bird in the nest at the beginning of last week and have been observing it ever since.

Both baby bird and mum and dad have been very active over the past few days. Baby bird appears almost big enough to fly the nest, and can be seen poking it’s head out of the nest throughout the day now. It is not shy so I can almost guarantee a sighting!

Thank you to Mr Aulton and the IT department for their help in trying to capture this amazing string of events unfold.

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