bisp gymnastics bambi games 2019

At the end of last term, nine of our BISP Gymnastics Competition Team members took part in their first competition off campus. The Bambi Games, based at the Thai Canadian Community Sports Centre in Bangkok, hosted 350 gymnasts from 13 clubs.

It was the first time ever a Phuket team had been a part of the competition in Bangkok. The girls competed individually on floor, vault, bars and beam to earn bronze, silver or gold medals depending on their score out of 10.

We are very proud of all the girls for representing the school so well, they all performed spectacularly and were awarded a total of 28 Golds and 8 Silvers.

This marked the very first step of our students competing in proper gymnastics competitions. This term, there will be two more competitions in Bangkok and our first international competition in Singapore!

If anyone is interested in their children joining the gymnastics programme, they can email Coach Lauren.