Have you got plenty of time this holiday to work on a great project? Or are you an art student?

Then combine your skills with a talented English student and make your own picture book together!

Or have you ever thought about publishing your own picture book but never took the jump? Ever created one that is rusting away? Now is your chance to get it published!

If you are interested in creating your own picture book, there is a great competition you can enter: the Reading Zone Picture Book Competition

Who can enter? 

– It’s open to all students between the ages of 4 and 18 (judged in different categories)

– Entries can be received from individuals, groups of a few students working together on the same picture book, as well as whole classes

What’s the format?

– The picture book must be done on A4 paper, portrait style (upright) rather than landscape

– Maximum 24 pages long

When’s the deadline?

– 24th April 2015.

Is there more information?

Visit www.readingzone.com/newsimages/2199.pdf

If you’d like to enter, Ms Colson would be happy to guide you through the steps and sort out the paperwork for you.

Please go and see her, and have a look at the picture books they have in the Primary Library to give you some inspiration too.

Happy drawing and writing 🙂

For more information, contact Cindy Colson: [email protected]th