The BISP Art & Design Academy proudly presents their new exhibition: Black & Red!

  • Black and Red is a collection of original lino prints created by students in the BISP Art & Design Academy
  • Each print is 15cm x 12.5cm in size and beautifully framed
  • Each piece will be on display in the MTB as of Thursday 15th October and available to take home after half term
  • Prints are for sale for 2000 baht and proceeds from the exhibition go towards Project Restart*

*Project Restart aims to help children impacted by natural disasters by rebuilding and giving them another opportunity at a bright future. See:


To reserve your print or for more information, see Claire Lester in the Art Room, or email [email protected]


Click here to download the catalogue, or view it below:

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The works are:

  • Third Eye by Jodie Grudzien
  • Sleeping Sun as the Moon Awakes by Minerva Kasayapanand
  • Night and Day of the Red Moon by Kaylee Umbers
  • Wolf Song by Charles Greene
  • Moon Bear by Heloise Hitherto
  • Her by Namthip Thavornwongwongse
  • Red Sun Bangkok Buildings by Mathilde Gouallou
  • Red Mountain Food Stall by Nantapat Thanapakpong
  • Red Lantern by Syakirah Frost
  • Crystalsong Forest by Jennifer Fredin
  • Jewel in the Red by Lea Dambreville
  • Anastasia by Benjamin Boonyasit
  • Sino Red by Kawinna Koaysonboon
  • I Mandala by Diana Kukharenko
  • Eye Origin by Ivetta Malyshko
  • Shell by Daria Surkova
  • Black and Red by Aran Byrne
  • Scarlet Flower by Nadezda Kobeleva
  • Unseen by Diana Rusina
  • Lotus by Grace Storey
  • Among the Others by Nongnapat Jatumatmetee
  • Lips by Ekaterina Bernadzikovskaia