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The IB Visual Arts and IGCSE Art and Design students went on a 4-day art trip to Bangkok. The trip is an integral element of the Arts courses at British International School, Phuket – BISP and contributes significantly to the development of their own artwork. This year, students were extremely lucky to see work by internationally-renowned artists being showcased in the Bangkok Art Biennale.

Please take a look at their photos.

Students visited the MOCA gallery, Silpakorn University Gallery, National Gallery, Queens Gallery, H gallery and Bangkok Citycity gallery to name a few. There were many great art moments on the trip, but one of the highlights was meeting Soichiro Shimizu, a Japanese Artist at YenakArt villa where he talked to our students about his work in his exhibition Deeply Rooted. Central world also had a Yayoi Kusama piece. The trip ended with a visit to the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, where there was some fabulous performance art by the Marina Abramovic Institute.