Well done to the 111 students in Primary who entered the competition this year! The 5 overall winners for each year group will see their designs professionally printed and turned into a bookmark!

For more information, contact Cindy Colson: [email protected]


Full list of winners:


Year 2:
Winner: Arkady 2AJ
2nd place: Jakrii 2AL
3rd place: Andrey 2AJ

Year 3:
Winner: Hiisan 3HK
2nd place: Ploy and Ig
3rd place: Eden 3HK

Year 4:
Winner: Sonia 4KT
2nd place: Jessica 4AH
3rd place: Lani 4MM

Year 5:
Winner: Vaidehi 5RK
2nd place: Lucy 5RK
3rd place: Sybille 5RK

Year 6:
Winner: Miso 6CM
2nd place: Naylea 6KC
3rd place: Nicha 6CM