By Thai Teacher Ubonrat Chambers

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Pa je ra ja ri ya hone ti… can you remember this chant? It is the beginning part of the teacher chant that our Year 12 students gave at the BISP Wai Kru Ceremony for this year.

This year, the Wai Kru ceremony was held on Thursday 17 September. It is a ceremony which is valuable and meaningful for both teachers and students at BISP.

The splendid flower trays and the fragrant smell of garlands were obviously the most visual object that BISP students gave to their teachers to show their gratitude and respect on this special day. Over 300 flower garlands were ordered and sent by BISP students to their teachers. It was wonderful seeing them come to collect their garlands with very happy faces!

The enjoyable ceremony took an hour, and was full of student activities such as a traditional Thai performance of muay Thai, a choir, a skit which imitated teachers’ speaking style, and Thai and English speeches describing the teachers in the 21st century. Mr Richard also gave a moving address about how privileged we all are to be teachers at this school.

Many thanks to all BISP staff and students who put on such a fantastic show – they really helped to make this a special day for all the teachers.

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