On Wednesday June 15th we held our first Arts Celebration evening when we awarded certificates and trophies for effort and achievement in Drama, Art and Music from KS1 to IB.

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On display in the auditorium and the foyer was an outstanding exhibition of student artwork, and in between the awards we were entertained by some very talented students from the Drama and Music departments.

The Drama students, a group from Year 8, Year 9 and a monologue from Sophie Duncan Y10, performed their exam pieces – amazingly strong performances all round.

The evening started with the Year 7 band (all of Year 7!) demonstrating just how far they have come in one year of learning an instrument. They were amazing!

We were also treated to a lovely performance of “Belle of Belfast”by the Cantamus Choir and two stunning vocal performances from Kim Y7 and Thanya Y12.

As teachers we were so proud to acknowledge the work of our creative students.

Mrs. Wilkinson, Ms Lester, Mr. Evans, Ms Coulson and Ms. Baker

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