This year was the first time that our school has celebrated Songkran early on the 3rd of April, so that students were able to see the significance and beauty of the traditional Thai New Year, while still in term.

In Secondary the Thai department arranged an assembly to reflect Thai culture in Songkran celebrations. The opening act was a entertaining music video made by the Year 9 Thai students with the aid of teachers and staff.

The next act was a video describing the history of Songkran, informing the audience what purpose Songkran serves, how did it begin, and what has to be done to celebrate in the traditional way.

The following act was a short skit about the activities in Songkran. This comedy skit portrayed that Songkran doesn’t revolve only around water fighting, but also many other unique activities.

The last act was a Rod Nam Dam Hua ceremony, led by the student council to pay respect to the teachers of BISP.

One student said, “It was certainly a splendid ceremony to behold. I would like to personally thank the Thai Department for making this assembly happen.

“I feel like I have learned more about Songkran, of how unique it is and how important it is. On the day, I learned to also see Songkran from a different angle. I really enjoyed the assembly.”

“Every actor involved put in lots of effort to make this performance remarkable,” says one of the stars of the comedy skit. “It is simply because we wanted to be able to show the beauty of Songkran, from our perspective, to the audience.

“It was very tiring but everybody was consistent the whole time, to make the performance successful. We would also like to thank the audience for applauding us, it meant a lot to us when we were performing on stage.

“Everyone made us more confident. The staff and teachers behind the scenes hoped that we managed to spread the happiness and knowledge of Songkran, and we really think we did.”

By Raksina Phongsermsuk & Pirada Arunrat (Year 9)

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