primary wai kru neil

By Emily Matsui (Year 12C):

Wai Kru is a Thai celebration that reminds us to appreciate our teachers and to thank them for their hard work and dedication. The BISP 2017 Wai Kru ceremony was once again outstanding, with beautiful flower garlands and performances. This year, the assembly started off with a Thai classical dance, “Ram Chui Chai Phram” followed by various performances, including a Wai Kru skit and a singing performance.

As always, the flower tray presentations to teachers by student representatives, followed by a student pledge, wrapped up the ceremony perfectly.

wai kru dancer

Additionally, BISP language departments worked together to organise a Wai Kru poetry contest, which provided our students the opportunity to express their gratitude through poems written in Thai, English, French, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

Finally, thank you to our teachers for providing us guidance and support as well as inspiring us to become better individuals.

Enjoy reading the English winning poetry written by Tanasorn Rojanasingsawad & Claudia Loh, Year 12 below.

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SLOT (Shaping Leaders Of Tomorrow)

In the sunlight, we play till it falls

We know we’ll be alright, cause you’ll be there to catch us all

You weave our names before our very eyes

Seem very very very wise

We make some poetries in year three as well

Dabbling in the arts, bashing on cowbells

We charge into the playground bareheaded but you care so you say

“No hats, no play, no fun today”

As we learn more on how the world came to be

Piece by piece, you help create our reality

You say six years of memories can never be undone

As we grow from bigger fish to smaller ones

Seeing all new faces we would soon come to know

You willingly guide us through unfamiliarity, as we strive to grow

Hormones raging, here comes the confusing years

For the next phase of our lives, we know you’d still be here

Last year of happy-go-lucky rhymes

It is finally time

You set us up with lots of preparation

For the next level of education

Sitting our first real exam

Using the tools you provide for us, we still cram

With your help again, we hope for the number 45

We realise 45 is not realistic, so we just pray we survive

It all feels like they happened just yesterday

Even with all the deadlines crashing in, EEs, IAs

In the end, our caps will go flying under the blue sky as together we all sing

You wish for us to be inspired and perhaps one day, we will too, be inspiring…