BISP girls bball

BISP hosted the ‘BISP Challenge Cup’ on Friday and Saturday 2nd and 3rd June, in which young athletes took to the pitch and basketball courts.

“Fantastic team spirit and sportsmanship was displayed throughout the two-day event,” said Jeff LaMantia, Athletics and Activities Director at BISP.

The participating teams/schools were British International School Phuket (BISP), South Island School Hong Kong (SIS), King George V Hong Kong (KGV), Dara Samut School Phuket, Kajonkiet International School (KIS), Baan Tungkha School, Dreaming Futbol United Philipines (DF Utd) and Cruzeiro Soccer Schools (CSS).BISP football

Most schools and teams participated in Basketball and football matches, while only BISP and SIS locked horns in Tennis.

Final Results:


In tennis, SIS and BISP competed with 8 players on each team – each player played 2 full singles and 2 full doubles matches over the course of the two-day event. BISP emerged victorious – all matches were played in good spirits during which the participants also made new friends.


U13 Boys

1st- BISP

2nd- KGV

3rd- SIS

U15 Boys

1st- South Island School A

2nd- KGV

3rd – SIS B

U13 Girls

1st – Darasumut Phuket

2nd – BISP Stars

3rd- SIS

U15 Girls

1st SIS

2nd BISP

3rd KGV


U13 Boys

1st place – BISP O

2nd place – BISP B

3rd place –  KGV

U15 Boys

1st place – BISP HP team

2nd place – South Island

3rd place – KGV

U13 Girls

  1. Baan Tungkha
  2. U11 Girls BISP
  3. SIS

U15 Girls

  1. BISP B
  2. SIS
  3. BISP O

For more information, contact Jeff LaMantia: [email protected]

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