On the evening of Thursday 6 November, we heard that one of the school sides taking part in the 13th Annual BISP Soccer Sevens had arrived in Phuket without their kit and football boots, which had been mislaid by their airline.

The school had 3 teams (no primary): U15 girls and boys and a Senior boys team.

The BISP PE Department found football kits for them, but we immediately put out a request to the BISP community via Facebook, asking anyone who had any spare football boots at home to please bring them to the PE office first thing the next day.

Tournament Director Jeff LaMantia recalls what he saw when he arrived on Friday: “It was incredible to see Friday morning there were over 60 pairs of boots brought to the PE office. This proves what an outstanding community we have at BISP.”

For more information on the BISP Soccer Sevens, contact Jeff LaMantia: [email protected]ac.th