Not only are students at BISP M.A.D. (making a difference) but the parent community is getting into the spirit as well.

One of the projects of local charity the Phuket Community Foundation ( projects is to establish toy libraries in different parts of the island.

Toys are an important element in developing children’s imagination and their social skills. Yet many families on the island simply cannot afford them. This is why the Phuket Community Foundation sets up libraries in schools and central areas so children and their families can access these ‘knowledge centres’.

Thailand’s 15th Toy Library was opened on Friday 7 November in the Kaeha Rassada Credit Union Building, close to Koh Sirae. The Centre and PCF Toy Library were opened by Phuket Vice-Governor Jamroen Tippayapongthada.

The school, students and families of BISP ‘made a difference,’ through donating toys and books for this library. Read more here. The organisers thank the students, teachers, parents and the school for their ongoing support of the libraries.

Cindy Ratcliffe from the Phuket Community Foundation, said: “Thank you so much for all the toys and home corner equipment. We set up the library and it looks wonderful. The kids will have a lovely time there with all the pretend kitchen furniture”.

The BISP Toy Drive will be ongoing, so if you did not sell all at the car boot sale, or want to clear some room before Christmas, this is a very worthy cause. All donations can be left in the Primary office.

For more information, contact Donna Stephens: [email protected]