Three years ago, British International School, Phuket introduced an instrumental programme in Year 7. BISP provides each student with a concert band instrument which they learn to play during their curriculum music lessons. The initial students are currently in Year 9 and all KS3 students are learning to play concert band instruments and now there is even an extra-curricular group – BISP Concert Band.

BISP concert band

Although the band has not been in existence for a full year yet, the hard work and enthusiasm of the 50 students in this group has allowed them to reach the heights of being able to consider auditioning to perform at a famous international venue – Disneyland in Hong Kong. With the IT expertise of Mr. Phillips and under the direction of Mr. Wilkinson, the students submitted an audition video.
They have been offered a performance date this June 2018 at Disneyland. We are proud of these students; the majority of whom have learnt for
less than 3 years.