bisp cruzeiro academy team

BISP Cruzeiro Academy’s last winning match of the school year against Phuket FC over the weekend marked the end of a successful football season for the team.

Despite constant rains battering down on Phuket over the past few weeks, Sunday 18 June turned out to be a hot and sunny morning which brought in about a hundred spectators comprising parents, teachers, students as well as Phuket FC supporters to encourage their own.

During the first half Phuket FC played aggressively, forcing the BISP team to maintain their defensive position from the get go. The home crowd cheered on as the goalkeeper protected the net from one particular goal that Head Football Coach Jonathas Candido says could have changed the course of the entire match.

goal keeper

“I am very pleased with the defensive shape the boys showed out on the field after initial strong, yet foiled attempts by Phuket FC to score during the first half,” says coach Candido.

The second half of the match was dominated almost entirely by BISP, during which they scored 3 goals and walked victorious.

“I feel that this has been the Academy’s best year yet. We played a total of 4 major games and won three of them. It seems to me that the athletes have finally embraced the ‘Cruzeiro Philosophy’,” he says.

The upcoming year will see a tournament in Bangkok come September in which nine new players will be adding to the BISP Cruzeiro Academy team.