“The Bangkok International Youth Football Festival 2015 provided a great opportunity for our academy teams to play against some of the best football academies in Asia,” says Jonathas Candido, Head Coach of the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy at British International School, Phuket (BISP).

“It was a big challenge for our players due to the high level of quality and the number of games played in the two-day tournament, but our teams impressed with great organisation on and off the pitch. All players showed excellent behaviour and respect for all the referees, coaches and another players.”

Coach Jonathas says that, “the results were very good, but the way that our teams played was the highlight of the tournament. With our own Cruzeiro game philosophy, our teams played in a smart way, keeping the ball with quality, quick transitions, balance, and aggressiveness, while always looking to score.

“Overall, our teams played each game as a final and they did really well. The results were very good.”

For more information on the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy, visit www.bisphuket.ac.th/bisp-cruzeiro-football-academy or contact Jonathas Candido: [email protected]


Final results:

U15 3rd overall – Bronze

U13 5th overall – Shield

U11 Champions – Gold

U9 2nd overall – Silver


U13 Tournament Report

U11 Tournament Report

U9 Tournament Report