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BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Head Coach Jonathas Candido

The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy has had much success both in Thailand and internationally, with several alumni being awarded football scholarships at schools and universities in the US, Portugal and other countries all over the world.

BISP Head Football Coach Jonathas Candido and Goalkeeping Coach Frederico Bragaglia recently shared their views about the unique coaching methodology taught at the school that gives their athletes a competitive edge.

Coach Jonathas, whose dedication towards his charges is apparent in the way he talks about them, says that the right approach to the game is the foremost factor that contributes to their eventual success.

He says that the attempt to understand the game of football is going through a division of paradigms. If, on the one hand, there is a separation of the game into four dimensions: tactics, technique, physics and mental fitness, on the other hand, new approaches emerge that choose the game as a whole and complex creation, in which any attempt to divide is considered a breaking of its essence.

“We coach football as a whole, with each aspect of the game being given equal importance, however, the tactical side – it will control the whole system. This presented concept deals with the observed aspects according to the behaviour of the players / team within the field.

“Every athlete is trained to handle any situation that they may potentially encounter during the game. This leads players to learn how to identify and find the best solution for the game’s problems under pressure,” Coach Jonathas explains.

“Winning is obviously very important to me – as it is to any other coach. But what matters is that you play the game right based on your game model. Sometimes you play right but still lose – I would say that’s acceptable, as long as you did what was right in each situation. We can’t control the game’s results but we can control the way we play,” says Coach Jonathas.

“I coach all my players to embrace this ideology. We must play right, respect the game aspects and never lose sight of what we must accomplish, both as individuals and part of a team,” he said.

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BISP Goalkeeper coach Fred Bragaglia. Photo Credit: Nicole Harris

Coach Fred added: “The relationship between the head coach and goalkeeper coach is extremely important, as the goalkeeper is essentially the 11th player on the field. The keeper needs to be ready and capable to be involved, and this comes from the coaches communicating the specific style of play.”

The BISP-Cruzeiro way is unique because athletes are coached to understand the game as a whole – regardless of what is the final result.

Where they are now

George Green – Tennessee Wesleyan University

George Yusuff – St. Thomas Aquinas College Athletics

Jason Fried – South Kent School – Connecticut, USA

Andre Piterman – Lausanne Collegiate School

Jordan Ollerenshaw – Johor Darul Ta’zim F.C

Alexander Anderson – Ängelholms FF

Jakri ‘King’ Longlok – Phuket FC

Sarawut ‘Art’ Tonggot – Samuts Sakhon FC

Panthakant ‘Prach’ Tingle – Hua Hin FC

Pedro Haueisen Souza – S.L Benfica

Nicolai Skoglund – Sporting Clube Portugal

Phillip Skoglund – Associação Desportiva de Oeiras

Francis Hosking – Philippines National Team

Also published in The Phuket News – online and in print issue November 24-30, 2017