A strong team from the BISP RPT Tennis Academy, part of British International School, Phuket (BISP), flew up to Bangkok last weekend (27-29 November) for a match-up against players from Harrow International School Bangkok.

The Under 9 squad took 6 out of 9 possible medals; the U11 and U13 sides competed well and conducted themselves with respect; while the Under 15s won both Boys and Girls titles.

Academy Head Coach Lee Austrin was pleased with the results, and commented that, “It’s great to see how far the kids have come in such a short space of time.”

Academy Director Jeff LaMantia, who also accompanied the trip, added that, “It was great to see our players playing like mini professionals and conducting themselves with sportsmanship.

“They made BISP and their coaches proud, with the older students taking a leadership role in supporting our younger students both on and off the court. All our tennis players were great ambassadors for BISP and RPT Tennis.”

For more information about tennis at BISP, visit bisphuket.ac.th/bisp-rpt-tennis-academy or contact Head Coach Lee Austrin: [email protected]


Full results below (bold indicates BISP player):



U9 Red Box – 1st Birdy, 2nd Tunt, 3rd Cameron

U9 Blue Box – 1st Joseph, 2nd Tim, 3rd Justin

U9 White Box – 1st Ig, 2nd Sebby, 3rd Zach


U11 Boys – 1st Jao, 2nd Nond, 3rd Matthew

U11 Girls – 1st Sofia, 2nd TT, 3rd Angel


U13 Boys – 1st Mark, 2nd Prom, 3rd Joseph

U13 Girls – Pammy, 2nd Maesa, 3rd Tatiana


U15 Boys – 1st Kevin, 2nd Mashu, 3rd Jonah

U15 Girls – 1st Turquiose, 2nd Tess, 3rd Pin



U9 – 1st Kan and Sebby, 2nd Brendan and Ben, 3rd Ellie and Ig

U11 – 1st Nond and Kai, 2nd Robin and Prae, 3rd Att and Matthew

U13 Boys – 1st Prom and Paul, 2nd Jao and Nisal, 3rd Atom and Hayden

U15 Boys – 1st Boss and Hugo, 2nd Gun and Sho, 3rd Sear Teng and Anatoly

U15 Girls- 1st Turquoise and Cosi, Serene and Pammy, 3rd Eloise and Tatiana