Early years children running

BISP Nursery and Reception children had a fun and exciting time in their Early Years’ Sports Day yesterday morning, 1st February. They represented their animal teams as Tigers, Hippos, Giraffes and Lions, and were all ready for their big chance to show off some of the fundamental movement skills they’ve been practising in Physical Education this term.early years sports day 2018

The children participated in enjoyable athletic events such as the ‘Jungle Run’ race, in which they had to run down the track jumping over mini hurdles and climbing through tunnels. This was great fun and the children performed brilliantly.

feed the crocodile early years

The ‘Feed The Crocodile’ activity entailed each child balancing a plastic egg in a saucepan whilst running down the track to feed the ‘crocodile’. There was also some super speedy running at the ‘Cheetah Dash’ by the children and later in the morning in the parents’ race. The children then moved onto the ‘Hippo Throw’ to show off their throwing skills. Great Fun was had by all! The final event of the day was ‘Water Splash’ during which the children had to balance water in cups.

The sports day was a great event for everyone involved. Back in class, everyone cooled off with ice lollies and received certificates and stickers for their performances. It was so lovely to see them having such an enjoyable time with the support of the enthusiastic teachers and parents.

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