On 14th May 2015 the BIS Flying Fish held a swim-a-thon to raise funds for the Nepalese.

The day commenced with our Adult Master swimmers who had 1 hour from 8:05-9:05am to swim as many laps as they could. Congratulations to Sarah Vidotto for completing the most distance of our masters group at 2750m.

Special mention must also go to Ian from the beginner group who completed 1800m and was moved to our intermediate group based on this fantastic effort.

The afternoon session started at 2:45pm with our swimmers from Bluefish to Development Squad swimming for 1 hour which then involved lots of parents counting laps (thank you parents!). The second session commenced at 4:00pm and we had a total of 94 swimmers participate swimming a grand total of 187km!

Congratulations to all the Bluefish and Yellowfish swimmers who may have completed multiple laps for the very first time.

For the Minnows squad our top distance completed goes to Alexandra Pengsomboon at 2000m and Maria Anashkina at 1900m. For Junior Squad Shane Walters 3000m and Tegan Sweeney at 2600m. Development Squad Jennifer Sydney and Rita Iminova swam 3000m, Performance Squad Vova Vladimirov swam 3600m and the HPT all completed over 4000m.

An amazing total of over 148,000 baht has thus far been raised by the Flying Fish with a few more sponsorship forms still coming in. A big “thank you” to Nathan Lowry, Raine Gavino and Keamen Jones for their large contribution to this. Lastly, a thanks to both our cupcake sellers (Shelley and Rinsin) as well as Rainbow Shakes for their contribution.

For more information, contact Helen Sweeney: [email protected]