Former British International School, Phuket (BISP) pupil and 2016 IB Graduate Michael Sunguza has been using his time wisely before he starts his American university course in January.

Michael studied HL Music as part of his IB Diploma and was so inspired by the “creating” or composing component that he has continued to compose on his return to his home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is using Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 as his composing software.

Michael explains what he has been doing in his own words: “I have been working in my dad’s company as a stock manager. I also do a lot of composing on the side as well. Since graduating from BISP I have composed four pieces so far.”

Click here to hear Michael’s composition Ascension, or listen below:

“I started sending the pieces around and was lucky enough to be given a job as a composer for a women’s sportswear advertisement. As well as being a fun and productive use of my time before university, I also believe that it is good preparation for what I hope will be a successful career in music as a composer.”

BISP Head of Performing Arts Paulette Wilkinson says, “We wish Michael continued success with his compositional endeavours, and maybe will we see his name in film credits in the future!”

For more information contact Paulette Wilkinson: [email protected]