BISP Mathematics FOBISIA visit 2019 1 300x169BISP Year 7 & 8 students traveled to The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur recently to compete in the FOBISIA Mathematics Competition and took part in various exciting activities on campus and in the city.

263 participants representing 36 schools from around South East Asia took part in the three-day event. Our Year 7 team comprised of Nathan, Rossi, Sainy and Miyuka, while Chanmin, Viktor, Arina and Zhanna made up the Year 8 team.

“It was an extremely marvelous experience to participate in this event. I am jubilant that we got this opportunity to gain more strength with teamwork, to develop our maths skills, and learn from other schools all while enjoying this competition. We also had the opportunity to explore Malaysian culture by visiting entertainment venues such as the Aquaria and Petronas Towers,” commented Miyuka, one of our Year 7 competitors.

BISP Mathematics FOBISIA visit 2019 2 169x300The students faced many challenging tasks, one of which required them to find mathematical clues in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Aquarium in the city. Numerous activities that followed took place at the school’s campus, where team events included Pursuit and Dragon, requiring problem solving and running and a construction round based on Platonic solids. There were individual rounds as well, such as Codebreaker and Duel, where students competed against each other to make 24 from 4 playing cards.
– Mr Griffin, Head of Mathematics