By Timothy Evans, IGCSE Drama and IB Theatre teacher

Every subject in Secondary School has a textbook. Drama does not. We study IGCSE Cambridge 411 Exam. It is a popular exam. It is a good one. But no textbook.

Well, Drama is different. Until this year. For some unknown reason the lovely people at Collins the book publisher contacted us. They asked if we would review a book they were planning to publish.

What an honour. Soon the draft of the book was dropped in my DropBox. And I began to give it a studious gaze.

Great cover of Chinese Opera. Plenty of useful topics: Developing Acting Skills, Staging, Devising and good examples of written responses to text and performance.

Finally, this week I received the inspection copy with a British International School, Phuket (BISP) acknowledgement on the first page. This is a first, for the Drama department and me.

That was the end of the story. Or so I thought. The news that another publishing house was also bringing out a textbook amazed me. I contacted them; they sent me a digital copy. Another good read. Different too.

It seems ironic that Oxford University Press should print a book about a Cambridge International Examination but there we are. Both texts are approved and endorsed for full syllabus coverage.

We have ordered class sets of both of them. Helpful Georgie Cauthery at Collins is sending us the Teacher’s Guide Book too. Thank you Georgie.

Year 10 are already using the Collins’ section on Monologues for preparation for their end of year examination.

For more information (or autograph), please email: [email protected]