BISP Chann maths competition 2018 e1526965004950Selected BISP Year 6-8 students participate in the annual UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and this year, they won 3 Gold, 6 Silver and 11 Bronze medals. Two students, Att and Chann, received high scores and qualified for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad (JMO) round.

The UKMT Junior Maths Challenge aims to stimulate mathematical problem solving.

Chann also competed in the 2018 International Mathematics Wizard Challenge (IMWIC) in Indonesia and won a Gold medal for the Thai team. His Class Teacher, Mrs. Coleman, is looking forward to his progress in upcoming competitions.

Chann is a remarkable and talented mathematician, as well as being an enthusiastic student who is well respected by both his teachers and peers. As his teacher, I am extremely pleased to hear of his achievements at an international level and wish him every success in the future,” she says.

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