“The games were played fairly, but our teams showed good football, playing with great quality, positivity and teamwork, with only three weeks of training,” says BISP/Cruzeiro Academy Coach Jonathas Candido, referring to last weekend’s series of friendly football matches at BISP.

“I look forward to the next games and tournaments and I’m sure all the teams will develop the four pillars that composes our game methodology. Congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation of the games, both athletes and coaches.”


O15 Boys – Cruzeiro Bisp Football Academy (02) x (02) Muang Thalang School
Goals: Jordan and Matthew Ollerenshaw Mcgoldrick.
Coach: Jonathas Candido.

U14 Boys – Cruzeiro Bisp Football Academy (03) x (02) Dragon FC Jr
Goals: Tam Jai, Rohan Sriram  and Daniel Pedroni.
Coach: Ryan Meinhart.

U14 Girls – Bisp Cruzeiro Football Academy (04) x (01) Phuket City FC
Goals: Shayla Procanik, Kayleen Procanik and Georgina Perry (02).
Coach: Chris Greene.

U12 Boys – Cruzeiro Bisp Football Academy (04) x (01) United Jo Bang
Goals: Micah Duchowny, Henrik Lehto, Vincent, Daniel Christensen.
Coach: Jonathas Candido.

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