BISP pi day 2019 1 300x200The BISP Mathematics Department recently held their annual Pi day celebration. Activities for Key Stage 3 students included drawing circles freehand, Pi quizzes and using compasses to create circular patterns. Each house team also had to provide a number of students who then recited Pi from memory in front of the year group. At the end of the lesson, students then tucked into some Pi-related snacks. Mrs Clarke also shared some delicious Pi shaped biscuits with some lucky staff members!

BISP pi day 2019 2 300x200In Year 7, Green House were clear winners with 37 points, with some impressive memory feats from Angel (228 digits of Pi), Tiger (190), Lola (124) and Anna (121). In Year 8,  Red House won the contest with 29 points, with Jenny (221 digits) and Tamino (112) being the stand-out performers. In year 9, Yellow House won with 36 points. Tania remembered an amazing 291 digits of Pi to win this year’s competition.

Well done to everyone who took part!