The Primary Music Assembly took place on Friday (3 October) and left the children singing at the top of their voices as they returned to their classrooms. It was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their choral repertoire to one another.

Year 1 set the tone with ‘How Do You Do?’ followed by another action song featuring Years 1 to 3 called ‘Raise Your Hands’. Years 3 to 6 demonstrated how to sing in rounds with ‘Tony Chestnut’ or ‘Toe Knee Chest Nut’. Other group rounds included ‘My Paddle’s Keen and Bright’ and ‘Land of the Silver Birch’ not to mention ‘Drunken Sailor’!

Each year group had its own signature song such as ‘My Grandfather’s Clock’ and ‘Paint Box’. To complete the assembly there was a rousing rendition of ‘Tingalayo’ by all year groups, and even the teachers were put to the test in terms of remembering lyrics and actions.

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