bisp run5 2018 1A dozen runners participated in Run5 on May 12th and it was terrific to have 4 first timers among the group! There was a note of fun (and a few nervous giggles) in the humid morning air as BISP Teacher Alastair briefed runners at the start line before the run began at 7.00am sharp. Runners were treated to plenty of onlookers from crews working to set up the BISP sports areas for football and basketball meets taking place on the campus that day.

It was good to see BISP parent Sabine running again after recovering from her injury, she was in fine form and ran the fastest time for the ladies at 23:45. She was followed by her daughter Chiara and fellow parents Sara and Jenny, who finished in under 28 minutes.

Members of the school SWAT running group were represented by parents Lek & Tanja and teachers Mairead & Claire.

Australian Consul-General Craig Ferguson also managed to beat his personal best with 21:30, followed by the father-son duo Dominic & Liam.bisp run 5 2018 2

Our Run5 events wouldn’t be possible without volunteer organisers. Alastair Lawson, David Berman and David Nichol provided superb organisation and kept things running smoothly.

The next Run5 Series event is on June 9th – the last one for the school year. We are hoping for a big turnout – so please spread the word and bring a friend or two!

– Volunteer write up by Champion and Australian Consul-General Craig Ferguson.

For more information on the club or the Run5 events, please email Mr. Berman at [email protected]

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