bisp ski trip 2019 2 300x225In addition to providing an opportunity for learning to ski, the BISP Annual Ski trips are an exciting cultural experience for the students. In the past, the trips have taken place in Japan and the Swiss Alps. This year, the group returned to Verbier, Switzerland.
They began in Geneva with a chocolate factory tour, cheese factory tour, a drive around Lake Geneva and a visit to the town of Gruyeres, the start of a busy few days.
After making their way to Verbier, the group spent the days skiing (with appropriate tuition) and enjoyed themselves, while also finding time to add a few other activities. Opportunities included visiting the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, a shopping trip and also a picnic at the Thai park! This made for a very active last day – boat rides and a pre-booked tour of the United Nations Building, where they also toured the chambers of International Human Rights and delegates speaking rooms.
Please contact Mr. Donovan to inquire about future trips on his email.