BISP staff v students football 1

Staff v Students Football

It is a tradition at the school that the Year 13 students play a football match against the teachers just before they go on study leave in April. Last year, the students won 5 – 4. So this year the students were supremely confident since the majority of their team are members of the BISP Cruzeiro High Performance Team. They were expecting an easy game but didn’t realize the standard of footballers that we have amongst the staff.

The students realized they were in for a serious contest when the staff went a goal up in the first few minutes with a Messi quality finish from Mr Schuster. The students immediately replied with a goal from Tim Schwab. After that, the game was a tense affair with the teachers leading for a while, the students then getting ahead by a single goal followed by the teachers again taking the lead. Highlights included a perfectly aimed free kick from Tim and an even better 25 yard thunderbolt from Mr Mcguigan. After a memorable 90 minutes, the final score was a 5 – 5 draw with Mr Schuster scoring a hat trick for the teachers plus goals from Mr Mcguigan and Mr Perkins. For the students Tim scored a hat trick plus goals from Sachin and Gott.

The match was played at a frenetic pace with high quality football from both teams. At the end of the match there were well deserved warm hand shakes between the teams. Both teachers and students appreciated the commitment and sportsmanship
of their opponents. Congratulations to all the players for a great match.

Staff v Students Basketballbisp staff v students basketball

The Annual staff vs year 13 students basketball match also took place this week. After a strong showing by the staff in last year’s match, the students were motivated to perform better. The game was evenly balanced heading into the second half, before the students’ team’s Georgina swayed momentum in the students favour sinking 5 consecutive baskets! The teachers never recovered from this, and the final score was 62-54 to the students.