Instead of asking for presents for his 10th birthday, British International School, Phuket (BISP) student Theo McIntyre in Year 5 decided to ask for toys to donate to Phuket Toy Libraries (, run by the Phuket Community Foundation.

Theo realised that he already had lots of toys, many of which he no longer played with. He asked his mum, Marie, if he could donate the toys to charity and, after further research, discovered that Phuket Toy Libraries would be an excellent place to give his toys to. Theo went further and asked his friends to give him toys for donation when he turned 10.

Thanks to the fantastic generosity of his friends, Phuket Toy Libraries, and the children who use the service, are better off.

It’s not the first time Theo has made a charitable donation. On his 8th birthday, he asked for donations for Together for Charity ( who support a school in Vietnam and an orphanage in Laos.

Theo’s idea for supporting this charity came from the experience he had on a charity trip with Tabitha (, in Cambodia, where he was involved in building houses for very poor Cambodians in the Prey Vegn region.

When Theo was asked how it makes him feel giving to charity and those in need, he responded, “It makes me feel happy as I know others will be given the chance to have a better life and more fun, just like I do”.

For more information about donating toys to Phuket Toy Libraries, please contact Donna Stephens: [email protected]