BISP students always find time to take part in a number of activities outside of school. Take a look at some recent highlights of what they have been up to recently.



Nathan of Year 8 placed 2nd in the U-15s Junior Flow Board in Malaysia as part of the Asia Flow Tour, representing Surf House Phuket.

Asia flow tour 2018 bisp nathan


Rainer from BISP represented Phuket and won the 35th National Youth Games Selection Region 4 “Krom Luang Chumporn” in Chumporn Province. The next competition is in March 2019, and he will be representing the South to select the Thai National team.

bisp rainer national youth games 2018


At Dragon Gym Taekwondo in Boat Lagoon, Hayley and Jemima passed their black belt exams but can’t receive their actual belts until they are 15 years old. They received their Junior Black Belts instead.

bisp taekwondo jemima hayley 2018


At the 2nd Dibuk Hospital Mini-Marathon & Fun Run, Chiara came in 2nd place in U14 Girls, Nathan 2nd place in U14 boys and Liam 5th place in U14 boys.

Dibuk Hospital Run bisp Liam Nathan Chiara


At another event turtle run Nathan came in 4th place at the U13 boys 5k fun run.

Turtle Run bisp Nathan 2018


At the Khao Mai Thao Sib Song Mini-Marathon & Fun Run, Chiara came in 1st place in the U19 Girls race, while Liam came in 3rd place in the U19 boys.

bisp running 2018 Chiara bisp running 2018 Liam