bisp students meditate on makha bucha day 1

There are several important Buddhist days during the year, Makha Bucha Day is one of these. This year it is being observed on March 1st.

On Monday 26th February, the Primary Thai Studies Department took BISP Year 6 students to participate in a Makha Bucha Day ceremony at Sapam Temple.

The Buddhist calendar is lunar, and the third lunar month is called Makha. Bucha in Thai, means “to venerate” or “to honour”. As such, Makha Bucha Day is to honour Buddha and the teachings he delivered on the full moon of the month.makha bucha day BISP students with monks

This excursion provided an opportunity for the students to learn about Buddhism and our community. The students had an educational experience while meditating with monks and also had a chance to do “Wian Tian” which is the Candle Light Procession. It was a great opportunity for all students involved.