Twice a week after school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, approximately 20 SOS village children from close to school come to BISP Early Years for activities and fun! The children are pre-schoolers, full of energy and excitement who look forward to coming to BISP to use the wonderful facilities we have at Early Years (a big thank you to Early Years for sharing their facilities!).

Our IB CAS students plan a small activity at the start of the session, ranging from games, songs, arts and crafts and then supervise the children whilst they play. This term our IB CAS students have made an amazing effort and planned some really engaging activities. Part of the experience for our BISP students is to develop their understanding of working with younger students through this ‘learning exchange’.


The SOS children love visiting and often talk about what they want to play with – the trampoline and sand pit are top of the excitement list. Our facilities and IB CAS students really do give the children a treat. A huge thanks to all involved, including our driver who waits patiently as it is hard to get the children back on the bus.

– Ms Carey Christensen, Secondary Biology & ESS teacher.


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