photo of BISP Nrich Maths competition 2018

Students from our Top Set Year 10 class have been working on the Nrich maths problems with great success. They were given the puzzle Mixing Paint – in which they had to use their knowledge of ratios to solve a tricky problem involving shades of paint colours. There were some great answers by the students, and BISP student Moon’s solution was chosen by the Nrich team as one of the best answers given from schools globally.

Click here for last school year’s post regarding our performance at the competition.

Great mathematicians need to be able to apply their mathematics skills to solve real life problems, so it’s great to see our students enjoying so much success in these puzzles when competing with students from around the world” said BISP Mathematics teacher Mr Chambers.

Nrich is an online mathematics website run by the University of Cambridge, posing challenging mathematical puzzles and activities for students to try. Please click here to visit their website.